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Keep Yourself Safe

Are You Safe Right Now?

  • Call police or 911 if you are in danger or need immediate help.

  • While waiting, stay away from areas that have potential weapons (kitchen, garage, etc.)

  • Stay away from places they can trap you (closets, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Go to a place where there are escape options (windows, doors, etc.)

Cover Your Tracks

If you are in a relationship or situation where your partner tracks what you view on your computer, you need to cover your tracks. Here’s how…

Edge or Chrome browser:

  • Click on the history icon (the sundial), right click and delete the pages you want

  • Empty your recycle bin

On the Netscape Browser/Firefox:

  • Press CTRL and H keys, delete the pages you want from the left-hand box (History) that appears on your screen

  • Empty your recycle bin

For Toolbars like Google and Yahoo:

  • Look for the Toolbar (where you search for things) and click on the drop down (arrow)

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the clearhistory link at the bottom of the drop down list (if the toolbar has this link)

  • Empty your recycle bin


Cover Your Tracks Through Email

  • Delete your email “Inbox” and “Sent Mail”


Cell Phone Safety

  • Keep the GPS/location on your phone turned off

  • Keep any threatening/harassing text messages saved, you may need these when filing for a PFA

  • Keep a password/passcode on your phone so they cannot access your phone


Be Prepared to Get Away

If you are ever considering leaving, unless it’s an emergency, make a safety plan. Listed below are important items/documents/extras needed, however, if you need additional help in planning your safety please call our 24-hour 7-day per week hotline 1(800)544-8293 or (570)784-6631.​

  • Memorize emergency phone numbers

  • Gather important documents

    • Social security cards/numbers

    • Medical cards and Immunization records

    • Birth certificates for yourself and children

    • Photo ID/Driver’s license

    • Cash, food stamps, and WIC information

  • Extra keys

  • Phone numbers, email and addresses of friends and relatives

  • Pack extra clothes for yourself and children

  • Personal care items, eyeglasses/contacts, medications, etc.

  • Plan a safe time to get away

  • Arrange a signal with a neighbor to let them know when you need help.


Call our 24-hour hotline toll free at 1-800-544-8293. 

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